In 1990, the Citizens Organization for Police Support 2 - COPS 2 -
became the first tax-exempt volunteer organization in New Orleans
dedicated to the support of police officers assigned to the Second District.
All dues and donations are used for programs and items designed
  to enhance the working lives of our officers.

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Tommy Parker | Officer of the Month | Commander's Appreciation

Tommy Parker Awards

Tommy Parker was an exceptional member of COPS 2 who served for many years on the Board and is remembered for his dedication and hard work to helping police officers in the 2nd District. Upon his death, The Azby Fund, and friends of Tommy Parker established a memorial fund for "Tommy Parker Awards" in order to recognize the outstanding work of police officers in the 2nd District. The Tommy Parker Awards are presented each quarter to the 2nd District's Best Patrol Officer, Best DIU (Detective Investigative Unit) Officer, and Best Reserve or Rank Officer.

At the end of the year, The Tommy Parker Best of the Best is awarded to the officer who stands out among the best of the quarterly award recipients in each category. The award recipients are determined by careful evaluation of the supervisors and Commander of the 2nd District with input from COPS 2.

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Best District Officer: Officer Jason Jorgenson
Best District Investigation Unit Detective: Det. Samuel Jennings
Best District Supervisor: Sgt. George Olivier

Tommy Parker Awards 2017

First Quarter:

Best Patrol Officer: Joseph Gueldner
Best DIU Detective: Det. Robert Rigamer and Sam Jennings
Best Supervisor: Lt. Kendrick Allen

Second Quarter:

Best Patrol: Officer Edgar Staehle and Officer Anthony Stovall
Best Supervisor: Sgt Andrew Packer
Best DIU Detective: Det. Jerry Baldwin and Det Jeremy Wilcox

Third Quarter:

Best Patrol: Officer Joseph Gueldner
Best Supervisor: Sgt. George Olivier
Best DIU Detective: Sgt. Perrin Gaines

Forth Quarter:

Best Patrol: Officer Kimberly Ginder
Best Supervisor: Lt. Dan Kramer
Best DIU Detective: Det. Samuel Jennings

Officer of the Month Awards

The 2nd District Commander and staff supervisors recognize the most outstanding officer(s)
of each month, and he/she is awarded a plaque and small payment by COPS 2.

Officer Of the Month 2017:

January 2017 - Officers Everett Route and Damien Gaines
February 2017 - Officer Joseph Gueldner
March 2017 - Officer Russell Gary
April 2017 - Officer Michael Dewey
May 2017 Officers Edgar Staehle and Anthony Stovall
June 2017 Officer Russell Gary
July 2017 Officer Thaddeus Murray
August 2017 Officer Robert Ponson
Septemeber 2017 - Officers Joseph Gueldner & Robert Hendershot
October 2017 - Officer Kimberly Ginder
November 2017 - Officers Samuel Jennings and Robert Rigamer
December 2017 - Officers Alexander Winks and Michael Dewey

At the end of the year, the 2nd District Commander
solicits input from the District's officers to recognize colleagues
in specific categories not captured the rest of the year.
Winners receive a plaque and small payment by COPS 2.

2017 winners:

Best Patrol Officer: Officer Joseph Gueldner
Speak Softly and Carry Big Stick Award: Officer Robert Ponson
Officer Rodney Thomas Commitment to Service: Officer Brandon Singleton
Best Dispatcher: Neliska Hewitt

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